About Craig

My name is Craig Marcacci and I am a fitness trainer of 30 years and the creator of the “Easy Does It”  exercise videos for older adults. The videos offer a full body workout with focus on strength, posture, balance, flexibility and cardiovascular health.  My first video (VOL. 1) is beginning level fitness for older adults and my second video is tailored to those who are capable of a more intermediate level of training.  All exercises/stretches are performed either standing or sitting and there is no floor work. A more advanced (VOL 3) is in the works. I have sold more than 300,000 copies in the U.S., UK, Canada and Australia.

Here in St. Louis, I train older adults in their home (where many prefer
to stay).  Using mostly bands, a riser, an exercise table (massage table
at the lowest height) and often times the kitchen sink, we train upper
body, lower, core and extremities.  The ultimate objective is to
maintain independence in the home and preventing falls.

More specifically, we work to improve balance, strength, posture,
stamina, flexibility, range of motion, circulation and sometimes
hand-eye coordination.  I further specialize in helping those who suffer
from Parkinson’s Disease and other forms of dementia using dozens of
techniques that involve mind and body such as counting backwards while
performing repetitions.  I am well versed in utilizing the “B.I.G.” and
“LOUD” therapy programs as well as boxing. I even find revisiting an
ongoing game of Chess (with those inclined) to address planning,
scheduling, decision making and dexterity which are often impaired by
Parkinson’s Disease and other forms of Dementia.

Each fitness therapy program is customized to the client based on an
initial (and ongoing) assessment of strengths, weaknesses, opportunities
and threats.  This is because Parkinson’s Disease and other forms of
dementia affect a different combination of motor skills, non-motor
skills and cognitive function in individuals differently.

Although I have been a trainer since 1992, I still to this day, do not
know of anyone who does what I do so I appreciate this opportunity to
introduce myself.  Thanks in advance for your time and consideration.

Craig Marcacci
314.397.4206  call or text